Friday, December 30, 2011

And the rest!

A few other odds and ends...

My Stitching Treasures
Winnie the Pooh Birth Sampler
Greek Island - Michael Powell
Joan Elliott Woodland Xmas Tree
Forever Friends Height Chart
Marquoir Sampler
Mill Hill Santa

Lavender and Lace...

Just a few of these!

Celtic Summer
Angel of Love
Angel of Spring
Emma's Garden

Next... The Mirabilias!

I think these are my favorites!

The Kiss
Fairy Moon
Royal Holiday
Rose Celebration
Petal Fairy

First up...

The Chatelaines!

Indian Summer Reflections
Taj Mahal
Rose Lights
Polar Lights
Japanese Octagon Box
Knot Garden
Water Garden
Egypt Garden
Sampler Mystery

2011...not a good year for stitching.

This year had been a bit of a disappointment in terms of stitching. My stash has been all over the house which has led to lots of half hearted starts and NO finishes. In the spirit of the new year, my resolution for 2012 is simple; actually finish something! In order to help me reach this monumental goal, I have sorted out all my stash today and organized it into a lovely shelving unit. I was horrified to discover how many WIPS I have, but I suppose it maximizes my chances of finishing something. I've decided to photograph all my works in progress to motivate me into getting something done on them!